My Birthday 10/04

2017-09-24 23:34:05 by Nin2655

11 days left until I'm gonna be 19 years old. But I go to my high school tomorrow and I want you to thanks. Now I worked on DeviantArt, now that was surprising. Then 4 years ago, I just created an old channel "Tanner Simonson" then I uploaded some old videos on YouTube. Today, I made projects. Anyway, don't forget my new OCs are coming soon. I'll see you there, Nin out!

I'm back from vacation!

2017-07-17 20:53:44 by Nin2655

I went to California, visit my aunt, the beach. So I had a chill out for a little bit while but I just wanted to thank you. THANK YOU! That is always I'll see you there.


2016-11-12 12:39:29 by Nin2655

The series of The Super Tees are cancelled. So, you like to enjoy my art and new OCs such as Dill Pickle and Coffee Bean. Now I will see you there.


2016-03-18 21:26:38 by Nin2655

Hey, I watched "Eddsworld - The End" this month, I had a little section to make and I had an idea about The Super Tees (also I created a pilot episode from GoAnimate). It will be release due this time. I have to write then make lines then record then storyboard then animate then finish. I am still in school this year but I hope you to see you around.


2015-08-14 20:26:22 by Nin2655

This is why I need a new computer and I had a iPad.

Gaming Update

2014-06-24 11:36:52 by Nin2655

"GO FAST" is a game is created by Mixermike622, this is about platform and racing. I made a video and I am working some stuff. I posted some cartoons on YouTube and I uploaded a video now, the fans are great, so, Tim and I get some working on stuff.

Animation Domination High-Def

2014-05-30 14:28:05 by Nin2655

Animation Domination Hi-Def was the Saturday night block programming, four shows are called Axe Cop, High School USA, Golan the Insatiable, and Lucas Bros. Moving Co. Nick Weidenfeld was paid 10 dollars than one account, the next year it was cancelled and then the fans are rabidly.

2014-05-11 17:07:03 by Nin2655

Canni Soda founded a social convention held is called "Galacon". Canni, Sani, and Wachmann wanted to help their jobs on Equestria. I will get the launching system complete. Go to


2014-05-02 20:31:05 by Nin2655

I watched asdfmovie, Tom created a comics and cartoons. I will proud to be a good membership.